Bogie Hearth Furnaces, as the name suggests, are units with a removable hearth, which normally takes the form of a base on wheels.

On the Prestige Thermal Equipment design we would normally have a double seal arrangement being of low thermal mass and finally sand seal for superior sealing. Bogie hearth furnaces may be single bogey, multi Bogie or continuous Bogie hearth furnaces.

Typical Bogie hearth applications would be aluminium coil and foil annealing, stress relieving of pressure vessels; brick and ceramic furnaces; and continuous Bogie hearth type curing facility as per the above Illustration.

If you need to heat process ceramics, metals or glass in various ways and require flexible production schedules, or different cycles to different temperatures, then a Prestige Furnaces and Engineering Bogie Hearth may be the best choice for your application. Today, cycle flexibility is often essential for successfully achieving high productivity, better quality and low cost.