Calcination Ovens - Prestige Thermal Energy

The type of furnace employed for calcining is dependent entirely upon the product to be processed and whilst traditional furnaces for calcining are continuous pusher, plate type conveyor, rotary retort etc., alternative calcining furnaces similar to that depicted, which is a mesh belt furnace, may be employed to suit the specific application.

The unit illustrated is a continuous mesh belt conveyor unit suitable for processing 1800 parts per hour of components and utilises a rapid heat transfer system for the first two zones with the latter two zones employed to finalise the calcining process. The unit incorporates energy saving features wherein the fresh air intake is preheated by the outgoing contaminants.

Drying and Calcination Ovens

Standard units have programmable microprocessor based controls and strategically positioned high velocity excess air burners to regulate heat input that surrounds and penetrates the load to provide close temperature control and uniformity. An energy efficient, low thermal mass fibre lining allows for rapid heating and cooling.


CERAMICS: Ferrites, titantes, steatites, alumina, substrates, porcelain, abrasives, glass.
METALS: Ferrous, non-ferrous, brazing, annealing, hardening, sintering, heat treatment.

Standard Features

Exterior – Modular construction consisting of heavy gauge steel, welded and reinforced with structural steel members and outer cladding plates to form integral units.
Interior – Standard linings of energy saving multi-layer fiber insulation. Other linings are available for special process requirements.
Conveyor – Conveyor materials selected to meet process conditions. Positive tracking conveyor guides and support members amply distributed through the load zones. Drive mechanism and idlers provided with variable speed, positive traction and tensioning adjustments.
Process Zones – Designed to meet specific process requirements for pre-heating, soak, cooling and atmosphere. Electric or fuel fired systems for radiant, recirculating, direct or indirect operation are available.

Optional Extras