Bell Furnace


Illustrations relate to a high chromium ball rotating type bell furnace which provides for economy in use, employing one burner for three bell furnaces thus utilising the spent combustion products for preheating the next charge prior to transfer to the hot chamber.

The unit illustrated is with bell furnace removed prior to evaporative water quench. Other units available are a six-base installation inclusive of atmosphere bells employed for bright annealing of non-ferrous materials. PTE bell furnaces are designed to your process requirements and can include for operating under vacuum, reducing, neutral and oxidising atmospheres.

When do you need a flexible heat processing system for various ferrous and non ferrous parts? Usually, whenever your application requires a system that will provide a high degree of temperature control and uniformity, yet adapt quickly to a variety of different heating cycles and productivity requirements.

Prestige Thermal Equipment Bell Furnaces are routinely used for firing, sintering, brazing, bright annealing, metallizing, and other heat treatment of a wide range of products at temperatures from 500°C up to 1700°C. With programmable microprocessor based controls, regulated heat input surrounds and penetrates the work load to provide both temperature control and uniformity. This is especially important when your work cycle requirements vary from extra dense loads like tightly packed small items to large, heavy, metal parts. The Bell’s fast heat-up and rapid cooling capability makes possible more flexible work schedules, manpower reductions, and higher productivity.

Bell Schemes

Another clear advantage of the Bell is that it eliminates doors and provides a well sealed energy efficient enclosure that promotes more precise control of the heat process. In addition, the bell envelope is easily raised and lowered with a motorized lift mechanism that is designed for vibration free movement, even when stopped or started at any point of travel.

The PTE bogie bell scheme allows complete access to load or unload the product in minimal time and is made possible by the bogie which also serves as the bell hearth that is rolled clear of the raised bell envelope while another bogie is set in the firing mode. Additional bogies for greater productivity and various muffle retorts for atmosphere work are available as optional accessories.