Drop Bottom Furnace


Successful heat processing of ceramics, metals and glass demands close temperature control and uniformity. That’s why Prestige Thermal’s Drop Bottom Furnaces are routinely used for solution treatment, firing, sintering, annealing, metallizing, and other heat treatment of a wide range of products at temperatures from 300°C up to 1200°C.

Drop Bottom Furnaces

With a Drop Bottom Furnace, product is easily loaded and unloaded with a motorized or pneumatically operated lift mechanism that is designed for vibration free movement, even when stopped or started at any point of travel.


METALS: Ferrous, non-ferrous, solution treatment, brazing, annealing, hardening, heat treatment.

Standard Features

Amply rated, long life heating components surrounding the work area for maximum heat transfer and temperature uniformity.

Standard Features

Easy rolling bogie hearth with flanged roller bearing type wheels. Programmable microprocessor based temperature instrumentation, control panel and failsafe system wired with all necessary switches, meters, lights, relays, fuses and other components.

Comprehensive operation and maintenance instruction manuals. Factory inspected and shipped ready for installation and use. Product technical support, service and spare parts availability.


Optional Extras

  • Computerized process control systems and data records. Multiple temperature zone control systems. Factory installation, startup or complete turnkey service.