Forge Furnace

Forge Furnace

Forging furnaces may be either electrically heated, gas fired or induction depending upon the application. The unit illustrated is a regenerative gas fired forge furnace having a conventional refractory lined hearth, low thermal mass upper walls, roof and door and is suitable for use with an external manipulator. Other forge furnaces include:- Induction billet heaters, Cold air burner system applied to jobbing type forge furnace and Batch type facilities, Continuous furnaces, Atmosphere controlled furnaces for heating of gear blanks.

Standard 1300°C models in this range are rugged, time tested front loading units suitable for use in the most demanding environments. Suitable for both oxidation and reduction firing of steel up to 1200°C. The Unique series is also used for may other applications including processing of metals and research and development projects.

Using the same extra heavy gauge welded steel shells lined with high quality refractories, the three model series, PTE 1, PTE 2, and PTE 3 offer different fuel burner systems to meet different needs depending on requirements for economy, precision and fuel availability.

PTE 1 – Forced Draft Gas, LPG, Oil

For precision and firing performance PTE 1 series are equipped with a proven forced draft burner system. This system consists of precision nozzle mix burners sealed into each side of the kiln and a primary air turbo blower fan. Air and fuel are precisely metered at each burner by adjustable needle valves. Ultra-violet flame sensing and a safety shut-off valve are included to automatically shut down the system in the event of flame failure, fuel or power interruption. Optional Dual Fuel Burners available.

PTE 2 – Forced Draft Gas, LPG

The economical standard forced draft burner equipment supplied on the PTE 2 series consists of pre-mix burners with individual blower fans front mounted on the kiln. The controls furnished provide a means for easy manual regulation of the fuel/air mixture, heating rate, and kiln atmosphere. Fail safe devices are provided to shut off the kiln in the event of pilot or fuel interruption.

PTE 3 – Natural Draft Gas, LPG

The Unique PTE 3 series natural draft (or atmospheric updraft) burner system does not depend on blowers but instead uses room air at existing atmospheric pressure.
Burners are arranged under the hearth. Each burner can be manually adjusted for control of heat distribution. Natural draft burners are simple, reliable, and provide a means of obtaining uniform gas heating at low initial cost. Safety devices are provided to automatically shut off the kiln in the event of pilot failure.


Stress Relieving


Heating prior to forging

Standard Features

Exterior – Rugged shell constructed of 5mm steel plate, welded and reinforced with structural steel members to form an integral unit.
Door – Heat seal construction including jams and hinges fabricated of 5mm steel with two heavy duty door clamps and covered observation ports.

Electrical – System completely wired and ready for operation at 115/230 VAC, single phase, 60 Hz. Other voltages available on request. Interior – Lining consists of high quality refractories and insulation up to 250 mm thick, rated to 1350°C. Ceramic fiber or hard refractory lining are available options.
Damper – Ceramic flue damper equipped with a manual lever. Optional Extras – Automatic microprocessor-temperature control instrumentation with thermocouple and high limit shut off. Ultra-violet flame sensing system for flame out protection. Automatic spark ignition system for automatic temperature programming. Temperatures to 1350°C.