Pit Furnace


A Pit Furnace is normally used for processing batches or large single components. It is sunk into a pit, and has a lid/plug section which is lifted off and either placed else where, or is connected to a lifting arm that swings it to one side. The size and shape of the furnace will largely depend on the quantity and type off component that is being treated.

Pit furnaces either has exposed elements, or has an internal retort that is used for controlling the atmosphere needed for the treatment required. Most have a fan for circulation that can be fitted in the lid or in the floor (fitting in the lid makes for easier maintenance).

Pit Furnaces have a large scope for possible processes, commonly involving controlled atmospheres, i.e. Endo Gas, Ammonia, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Etc.




• Gas Carburising • Nitriding • Hardening
• Tempering • Annealing • Stress Relieving • Brazing

Standard Features

The PTE Pit – type furnaces are equipped with internal retorts and are completely sealed furnaces with minimum installation space required. Operation is batch-type and manual, suited particularly to long term processing applications

  • Excellent hermatic sealing
  • Suitable for Carbofluids, Endogas or Nitrogen Methanol atmospheres
  • Low energy consumption
  • Retort size ranging from 450 to 2500mm dia and 500 to 12000mm length.

Standard Features

Steel body, welded and reinforced to form a strong, integral unit, attractively finished in heat resistant paint. Energy efficient, amply rated, lining with low heat storage reduces heat loss and lowers shell temperature.

Easy rolling bogie hearth with flanged roller bearing type wheels. Programmable microprocessor based temperature instrumentation, control panel and failsafe system wired with all necessary switches, meters, lights, relays, fuses and other components.

Optional Extras

  • Custom built units designed to meet specific requirements.
  • Custom built units designed to meet specific requirements.
  • Modular system design, easily expandable as needed.
  • Additional bogies, track and transfer systems.
  • Two door design for “straight through” bogie operation.
  • Motorised door mechanism and bogie moving equipment.
  • Purchaser selected control instrumentation packages and panels.
  • Choice of electrical, dual fuel or oil only combustion systems.
  • Automated material handling systems and load/unload equipment.
  • Factory installation, startup or complete turnkey service.