Pusher Furnace


Pusher Furnaces have traditionally been used for very heavy applications in steel mills for re-heating billets and blooms in some cases throughputs of 4 tons per hour.

Prestige Thermal Equipment have, based on this principle, developed units that can provide a processing capability from a few kilograms to many tons utilising the Pusher Furnace principle.

The main advantage of the Pusher Furnace is that once the furnace is at temperature the material transmission device requires no further energy thus all energy available in the furnace is committed to the product. Applications ranging from hardening and tempering, normalising, heating prior to forming and annealing.

Drying and Curing Ovens

If you need to heat process metal in various ways and require flexible production schedules, or different cycles to different temperatures, then a Prestige Thermal Equipment Pusher Furnace may be the best choice for your application.

Today, cycle flexibility is often essential for successfully achieving high productivity, better quality and low cost. That’s why so many Prestige Thermal Equipment Ovens are specified and routinely used for production at temperatures from 80°C up to 700°C with a temperature uniformity from ± 5°C.

Models are available in a wide selection of sizes from 1 m to over 28 m capacity. In addition, Prestige Thermal Equipment offers a Gas Fired Modular System concept which features an easily expandable design that can grow as your needs increase.


METALS : Ferrous, non-ferrous, brazing, annealing, hardening, sintering, heat treatment.

Standard Features

Standard units have programmable microprocessor based controls and strategically positioned high velocity excess air burners to regulate heat input that surrounds and penetrates the load to provide close temperature control and uniformity.

An energy efficient, low thermal mass, end stack fibre module lining allows for rapid heating and cooling. This is especially important when production needs are variable, and range from dense, tightly packed small items to large, heavy parts which require complicated heating schedules or quick turnaround.

Steel body, welded and reinforced to form a strong, integral unit, attractively finished in heat resistant paint. Energy efficient, amply rated, lining with low heat storage reduces heat loss and lowers shell temperature.

Programmable microprocessor based temperature instrumentation, control panel and failsafe system wired with all necessary switches, meters, lights, relays, fuses and other components. Comprehensive operation and maintenance instruction manuals. Factory inspected and shipped ready for installation and use. Product technical support, service and spare parts availability.

Exterior – Modular construction consisting of heavy gauge steel, welded and reinforced with structural steel members to form integral units.

Interior – Standard linings of energy saving multi-layer ceramic fiber insulation. Other linings are available for special process requirements.

Process Zones – Designed to meet specific process requirements for pre-heating, soak, cooling and atmosphere. Electric or fuel fired systems for radiant, re-circulating, direct or indirect operation available.

Optional Extras
  • Various widths, working heights above beams, zonal lengths, heat input ratings and Pusher Furnace speeds. Special alloy beams.
  • Door, Power operated door closures and zone partitions. Powered exhaust and recirculation systems.
  • High velocity jets for controlling flow of gases within chamber. Cooling – Variety of techniques to match product and atmosphere requirements.
  • Special interior linings.
  • Zonal separation, Adjustable baffles for zonal separation when product height varies.
  • Instrumentation ranging from basic on-off to full proportioning automatic temperature control.
  • Pusher controls ranging from push button to fully automatic sequenced and interlocked systems.