Pyrolysis (and also gasification) provides a much better solution to extracting energy from waste than incineration for a number of reasons


  • Production of high calorific value fuel, which can be used in gas engines to produce electricity
  • The fuel can also be used in Cogeneration / Combined Heat and Power (CHP) technology to produce not only electricity but other useful heat
  • Production of Hydrogen, which many be seen as an increasingly valuable resource
  • Qualifies for Renewable Obligation Certificates (ROC’s – UK Only)  


  • The residual output of solid char and residue from the process can also be used as a fuel or as a feedstock for other petrochemical processes or alternativelly recycled through the system to increase calorific value and reduction of residue.
  • Requires no flue gas clean up as gas produced is treated prior to utilisation
  • Plant size is significantly smaller than post combustion treatment
  • Visually less imposing therefore increased planning permission approval


  • Enables the production of Renewable ‘green’ energy
  • An alternative solution to land fill
  • Displaces the use of fossil fuels
  • Enables the local handling of waste
  • Reduced Green House Gas and CO2 emissions
  • Addresses concern about global warming as produces a positive environmental effect
  • Contributes towards government targets such as dealing with waste and environmental concerns

Commercial advantages

Increased control and yield over traditional systems. Can be used by various industries for energy generation from waste product inc. wood chips, pine needles, municipal waste, plastic waste, Fe0 2 and many more. Provides fuel and gas at a fraction of the cost of traditional supply mediums. Rapid ROI for capital equipment.