The Prestige Thermal Pyrolysis Technology® offers increased recycling rates to address environmental concerns to achieve government targets and to provide for higher profitability than that of competitive designs.

 Very high calorific value gas – typically 22MJ/m3 (competitive systems less than 15MJ/m3).

 High volume of gas and thus electrical energy – typically 1.1 MW per US ton for materials with nominal CV of 16 (competitive systems less than 0.7 MW).

 Maximum use of energy with parasitic load of around 10% (competitive systems typically 25%).

 No fines carry over to gas clean-up system.

 No high temperature moving parts.

 No gas leaks.

 No char (all carbonaceous fraction converted).

 Remainder of low grade heat is employed to preheat the air to the burners.

 Pyrolyzer exhaust provides heat to precondi-tioning system.

 Ultra low emissions.

 Purifying syngas is simpler and less expensive than cleaning flue gases from incineration.

 Entire system can be pre-assembled to mini-mize site construction.

This process is capable of treating many different solid hydrocarbon based wastes whilst producing a clean fuel gas with a high calorific value. This gas will typically have a calorific value of 19 – 30 MJ/m3 depending on the waste material being processed.

The lower calorific value is associated with biomass waste, the higher calorific value being associated with other wastes such as sewage sludge. Gases can be produced with higher calorific values when the waste contains reasonable quantities of synthetic materials such as rubber and plastics.

An inert residue between 10 and 15% of the biomass processed is also produced and can be used in a residue benification process or low value applications such as roadfill with the worst case scenario of non hazerdous landfill.

Pyrolser Tower

Functional characteristics

Fossil fuels are not in endless supply. Environmentally friendly waste disposal is currently a global problem. If waste can be utilised as an alternative to fossil fuels then it can provide an important contribution towards the long-term control of global waste. The production of cost effective green energy will also help reduce the impact of global warming.

Emmission Data

Thanks to our efficient pyrolysis technology and extremely effective thermal oxidizer clean up equipment, PTE plants easily meet all environmental agency pollution standards. The results below are typical of a PTE plant operating with one engine.

Pyrolisis Emmissions Data