PTE Thermal Oxidiser

Most Environmental Agen-cies require all air emissions to be heated to 850oC for more than 2 seconds, typically requiring high energy consumption.

 The PTE design reduces energy consumed to almost 15 % of competitive designs.

 Gases acquire heat from a ceramic bed at one end and deposit it at a bed at the other end prior to discharge to the stack.

 Flow is reversed each 90 sec to allow the previous exit heat sink to heat the incoming gases.

 Last 15% of heat is supplied by syngas produced by the pyrolyzer.

 The unit removes all volatile organic compounds.

 In the event of high concentrations, NOX can be reduced by 90%.

 System can be effective from full output to a fraction of output.

 Easily meets the very strict EU environmental emissions laws, as well as US EPA regulations.

 Neutralizers can be added to treat otherwise difficult compounds