 Waste is processed in batches of 29 tons.

 Pressurized saturated steam (160°C and 5.2 bar) “pressure-cooks” the waste for up to 50 minutes, giving a very high pathogen and virus kill rate.

 [Feedstocks like forestry waste and oily sludges do not require autoclaving.]

 Outer pressure vessel is static; inner drum allows reverse / forward rotation for material homogenization, and continuous reverse for material discharge.

 Loading conveyor allows loading to 70% volumetric capacity in 15 minutes (competitor systems achieve 50%); telescoping feature allows loading from rear (eliminates bridging with alternative systems); traversing feature allows loading of up to 4 autoclaves.

 High volume offtake conveyor empties vessel in 10 minutes.

 Door seals (problematic on competitor designs) are protected by the inner drum extension into the door.

 Internal agitation elimi-nates need to pre-shred or open trash bags prior to loading.

 Steam stored at 17 bar to ensure availability on demand.

 System designed to duplex, saving 40% op-erational energy.

 Sealed unit; no emissions or odors.

 Condensers

Autoclave Process