Prestige Thermal Energy’s (PTE) Advanced Recycling and Energy Conversion (AREC) plants deploy an advanced process that integrates two proven thermal conversion technologies, autoclaving and pyrolysis, plus proprietary waste drying, syngas and exhaust clean-up technologies.

The operating principle of the PTE plants is to pre-process the waste to remove recyclables and excess water, then generate an intermediate synthetic natural gas, “syngas”, from the in-coming waste by means of pyrolysis. This intermediate fuel is cleaned, then used in engines to produce electricity.

Waste to energy - Prestige Thermal Energy
Process Flow

The PTE technology offers several advantages over competing waste to renewable energy technologies:

Multiple waste streams: The PTE technology is able to treat many types of waste, such as municipal solid waste, tires and contaminated oil, concurrently.

More Efficient: The PTE equipment has a higher thermal efficien-cy (MW per ton of waste) and a lower energy usage (parasitic load) than competitor products, allowing more of the energy produced to be sold rather than used to run the plant. It pro-vides more than twice the energy conversion efficiency of tradi-tional “mass-burn” incineration, without the adverse side effects. The PTE equipment also uses water very efficiently and in most cases returns clean water to the environment.

Further Reduction in Emissions: The syngas is automatically scrubbed to make it “engine-ready”, thereby eliminating the need to clean engine flue gases. The PTE Thermal Oxidizer (patent pending) processes the combined dryer, pyrolyzer and engine exhaust to further reduce emissions and meet all global emissions standards with ease.

Automated Handling of Bio-Hazardous Waste: Sterilization in the autoclaves destroys pathogens and microbial life, elimi-nating the health hazards associated with landfill and standard Mechanical Recycling Facilities. Hazardous waste is processed in a fully automated, enclosed system, and MSW is treated without the need to open trash bags.

Automated Recycling: The PTE system automatically sorts waste constituents and sorts out the recyclables. The recyclables are sterilized and deglazed and reduced in volume for easy han-dling. PTE enhanced recycling recovers close to 100 % of all met-al, plastic, glass, etc. Source separation typically recovers up to 1/3 of recyclables at best.

No Odors: Unlike landfills and incinerators, PTE plants will not produce any noticeable odors due to their integrated design, with the only emission point being the smokeless exhaust stack.

Flexible: The PTE technologies can handle a very diverse range of waste and can produce energy products in both liquid and gas forms in addition to electricity.

When the superior PTE technology is applied in practice it results in plants with several significant advantages over competing systems.

End-to-End Processing: The PTE technology solution combines sterilization, sorting, drying, pyrolysis and electricity production under one roof, which is revolutionary in the waste processing and waste to energy industries.

Scalable & Flexible Plant Design: The technology can be adapted to create various sized plants; plants can also be built to process mixed waste types in different quantities.

Multiple Revenue Streams: Plants earn revenues from three sources: tipping fees, generally charged in developed countries for disposal of waste; the sale of electricity and the sale of re-newable energy credits or similar; the sale of recyclables, residue and other outputs such as liquid fuel.

No Odors: Plants are closed systems with no direct air emission points, therefore they do not emit unpleasant odors, unlike landfills and incinerators.

Improved Aesthetics: Each plant will be enclosed in a low-rise warehouse-type building designed to blend in with the environment. Unlike incinerators, there is no smokestack.

Modular Construction: Plants can be built in phases as additional waste streams are secured, which reduces initial capital outlay and the time to plant commissioning.

Attractive to equity investors: With excellent returns, long-term recurring free cash flows and early exit potential via sale to other investors upon plant commissioning.

Attractive to banks and debt providers: Strong debt service cover ratios and other metrics; revenues are not subject to capacity factor probability estimates, unlike wind and solar.

Turnkey Solution: All necessary equipment and materials to construct AREC plants are provided by the licensed manufacturer, apart from site facilities such as access roads and fencing, buildings and waste transportation vehicles.

EPC wrap and O&M contract: Provide low risk, integrated solution that is attractive to potential investors.